Cookies and personal data

I. Cookies on okaicom

What is a cookie ?

By browsing the site okaicom in its web version, you accept the use of cookies. A "cookie" is a text file which records information about your navigation on the site. The cookie can't be used to retrieve data from the user's hard drive, install a virus, read the user's e-mail address or acquire personal information. It does not to the extent of identifying the user. On the other hand, it records information regarding the browsing, which could then be used during subsequent visits. By refusing the use of cookies, you will still see ads, but they won't be targetd based on interests anymore.

A. Cookies we send on okaicom

What data is collected by okaicom?

  • The IP address (device address), to the exclusion of any other,
  • The date and time of connection from a device to a digital communication service,
  • The url (internet address) of the refering internet page (aka "referer") of the device accessing a digital communication service,
  • The url (internet address) of the internet page accessed by the device consulting a digital communication service,
  • The operating system type used by the device (Windows, MacOs, Linux, Unix, BeOS. etc.),
  • The type and release of the browsing software used by the device (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.),
  • The usage language of the browsing software used by the device
  • The ID and content of a cookie file stored by us on the device,
  • The device type used while browsing (computer, smartphone/mobile phone, tablet  …) 

What are okaicom's cookies used for?

  • Compute statistics about usage volumes and the use of various elements composing our site (visited sections and contents, routes used), allowing us to imporove the ergonomics and services of our site.
  • Count the total number of ads displayed by us on our advertising spaces, identify them, their respective display numbers, how many users clicked on each one and, if necessary, subsequent actions carried out by these users on the pages to which thses advertisements lead, in order to calculate the amounts due to the participants of the advertising broadcast chain (communication agency, advertising network, site/broadcast medium) and to compute statistics
  • Adapt the presentation of our site to your device display preferences (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.) during your visits on our site, depending on the hardware and browsing or reading software that your terminal has;
  • Store information about a form you have filled on our site (registration or access to the member's area);
  • Allow you access to restricted or personal areas of our site, such as our members ara, thanks to identifiers or data that you may have previously entrusted to us;
  • Implement security measures, such as when you are asked to log back into the members area after a certain amount of time.

B. Cookies issued on our site by third parties

The issue and use of cookies on our site by third parties are subject to the privacy policies of these third parties.

1. Issuance of cookies via third-party content broadcast in our advertising spaces

The advertising content (graphics, animations, videos, etc.) broadcast in our advertising spaces may contain cookies issued by third parties: either the advertiser at the origin of the advertising content concerned, or a third party to the advertiser, who has associated a cookie with the advertising content of an advertiser.

Where applicable, cookies issued by these third parties may allow them, during the period of validity of these cookies:

  • to count the number of displays of advertising content broadcast via our advertising space, to identify the advertisements thus displayed, the number of users having clicked on each advertisement, allowing them to calculate the sums due as a result and to establish statistics;
  • to identify your device during its subsequent navigation on any other site or service on which these advertisers or third parties also issue cookies and, where appropriate, to adapt these third-party sites and services or the advertisements they broadcast, to the navigation of your terminal of which they may be aware;

What is the benefit of seeing ads that fit your browsing?

Our goal is to show you the most relevant ads possible. To this end, the technology of cookies makes it possible to determine in real time which advertisement to display to a terminal, according to its recent navigation on one or more sites.

2. Issuance of cookies by third parties due to third-party applications integrated into our site

We may include on our site computer applications from third parties, that allow you to share site content with other people or to let other people know your consultation or your opinion about a content on our site. This is particularly the case of the buttons "Share", "Like", from social networks such as "Facebook", "Twitter", etc.

The social network providing such an application button is likely to identify you with this button, even if you did not use this button during your consultation of our site.

We have no control over the process used by social networks to collect information about your navigation on our site and associated with the personal data they have. We invite you to consult the privacy policies of these social networks to learn the purpose of use, including advertising, browsing information they can collect through these application buttons. These protection policies must enable you to exercise your choices with these social networks, in particular by setting up your usage accounts for each of these networks.

II. Your choices regarding cookies

The user has the opportunity to oppose the registration of "cookies" by configuring his browser for this purpose. However, if the user decides to delete his cookies, he will have to repeat the operation. It is the same if he decides to surf on another browser, it is necessary again to delete cookies on this second browser.

Here's how to delete cookies on different browsers:

For Mozilla firefox :

  1. Choose the menu "tool" then "options"
  2. Click on the "privacy" icon
  3. Locate the "cookie" menu and select the options that suit you: Enable and disable cookies

For Microsoft Internet Explorer :

  1. Choose the "tool" menu then "Internet options"
  2. Click on the "Privacy" icon
  3. Select the desired level using the slider: Delete and manage cookies

For Chrome :

  1. Go to the menu Chrome / Preferences
  2. Click on "Show advanced settings"
  3. Click on "Content Settings…" in the privacy section
  4. Click on "Cookies and site data…" in the new window
  5. Click on "Delete all" and validate by clicking on "OK": Clear, enable, and manage cookies

For Safari :

  1. Go to the menu Safari / Preferences
  2. Click on "Privacy"
  3. In "Block cookies", tick "Always": Manage cookies and website data

More information on cookies from the CNIL:
All about cookies: Cookies : Tools to master them
Visualization tool that identifies in real time the cookies that transmit information: Cookieviz, a real-time data visualization tool on your browsing tracking

III. If you share the use of your device with others

If your device is used by more than one person and when the same device has several browsers, we cannot be sure that the services and advertisements for your device are appropriate to your own use of that device and not to that of another user of this terminal.

If necessary, sharing with others the use of your device and configuring your browser settings for cookies is your free choice and responsibility.

IV. Personal data and browsing information

We may adapt the offers and advertisements for you to information relating to the navigation of your device on our site or within sites or services published by third parties and on which we issue cookies.

To the extent that you have provided us with personal data, including your electronic contact information, when you register, your subscription or your access to our site, we are likely, subject to your choice, to associate information from navigation relating to your terminal, processed by the cookies we issue, with your personal data, in order to send you electronic surveys or display on your terminal, within advertising spaces containing cookies that we issue, personalized advertisements which are specifically intended for you and may interest you personally.

You can, at any time, ask us to stop receiving advertisements or surveys adapted to the navigation information of your terminal, by contacting us directly and free of charge, or by means of the unsubscription link included in any survey that we would be likely to send you via e-mail. Any advertising that you may continue to receive, unless opposed by you to us, will no longer be suitable for the navigation of your terminal.

In addition, in the event that we consider obtaining from a third party (targeted advertising provider, advertising network, etc.), navigation information of your terminal that we could associate with the personal data that you have provided to us we would first seek your explicit agreement before proceeding with such an association and to send you advertisements or prospections that would result.

Cookies are used to enhance the online experience.